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Nissan News

is frankfurt debuting nissan micra n-tec better than the others?

Nissan Micra N-TEC is the latest grade added to the Micra range which is currently being prepared for European debut in Frankfurt. Geared with a lot of equipment, the N-TEC model is positioned between the Acenta and Tekna models. There are no surprises when it comes to the engine line-up, because al

2016 nissan maxima will serve as an official safety car at the tgp viginina

2016 Nissan Maxima will come with a special equipment at the Virginia International Raceway, Danville, Virginia as the official Safety Car. The restyled vehicle, the 4-Door Sports Car will be on display throughout the competition. Furthermore, the vehicle will perform the same duties at the Circut o

improved and more powerful 2016 nissan np300 navara debuts in frankfurt

2016 Nissan NP300 Navara is here to bring innovations in the one-tonne pick-up sector. It will probably become a leader in the segment, because it combines the best of Nissan’s crossovers, exquisite design and the best of engineering. Improved and refined, the pick-up offers unmatched off-road ab

dig-t 163 is the latest powerplant unit, available with nissan x-trail lineup

Nissan X-trail customers and fans be better prepared for good news! A latest edition of DIG-T engine comes our way! It is called DIG-T 163 and it will not only offer some improved fuel efficiency, but it will also be more affordable. How cool is that? DIG-T 163 and its offerings The engine is alre

mercedes, lamborghini, mazda and other beauties: this week's overview

So, we are at the end of the week and it is time to review one more time what happened in the motorsport world. Or at least remind you the interesting news. There were numerous interesting events, some refreshed car modes and some disappointments. But let's forget about the stupid ideas and focus on

nissan leaf continues the fight with the climage changes

Nissan LEAF electric vehicle happens to be one of the most successful in brand's recent years. Something more, Nissan Motor Ltd. today celebrates the incredible amount of sold units in the UK: more than 10,000. Originally launched in 2011, Nissan LEAF electric vehicle showed that electricity and quality can go hand-to

nissan leaf range expands to fight global climate change

Nissan LEAF range has expanded to four trim grades due to the addition of the new Acenta+ trim level. It will accompany the Tekna, Acenta and Visia models, adding some special standard features. As a matter of fact, this introduction is not something unexpected since the electric LEAF has achieved such great success. M

nissan juke-r by comes refreshed with numerous upgrades

Nissan Juke-R is the vehicle, that changed the rules back in 2011. Why? Because this is the first Crossover supercar. How cool is that? Nissan brand has made the Juke beast with much influence by the Nissan GT-R model. In fact, the engine and some other gadgets are the same as in the GT-R. And now, after four years, th