Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE), well known for their extreme performance sports cars and muscle cars, has begun production of its 562 hp 2010 HPE550 Camaro.

At the heart of the beast is a supercharger system making 6 psi of boost added atop the 6.2L V8. Combined with a Corsa stainless steel exhaust system and custom engine management calibration from HPE, the result is a total output of 562 bhp and 557 lb-ft torque.  Rounding out the package, HPE adds a set of light weight 20-inch wheels, an adjustable coilover suspension system, HPE550 embroidered seat headrests, a Hennessey graphics package and premium floor mats.

Camaro enthusiasts will not have to worry whether the new General Motors will build the top-level Z/28 or not.  Hennessey plans to build up to 500 HPE550 Camaro's for the 2010 model year.  Each HPE550 will come with its own unique serial-numbered plaque located on the dash and under the hood.  Other options available from HPE include: Larger brakes, suspension upgrades, an upgraded interior and larger wheels and tires.

Recent track testing of the HPE550 Camaro has shown it has the muscle to back up its aggressive looks.  Mustang GT500 owners beware:  0-60 happens in just 4.1 seconds and the quarter mile flies by at an impressive 12.1 seconds @ 119 mph.

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"The HPE550 upgrade package gives 2010 Camaro owners the kind of power and performance they want to match the true muscle car look and spirit of the new Camaro," said John Hennessey, President and CEO of Hennessey Performance Engineering. "We will also be offering an extensive list of aftermarket performance parts and accessories for the 2010 Camaro.  From mild to wild, new Camaro owners will be able to order air induction systems, exhaust and header systems, as well as complete supercharger systems, suspension kits and more."

HPE550 customers will also receive a half-day performance driving course at Lonestar Motorsports Park – a 1/4 mile dragstrip facility located adjacent to Hennessey's 30,000 square foot production facility and showroom.  The HPE550 Camaro is available from select Chevrolet dealers as well as directly from Hennessey Performance Engineering.  Production is currently underway, with 16 HPE550's already on order from customers and dealers.

In addition to the HPE550, Hennessey Performance will also be offering even more powerful engine upgrades for the 2010 Camaro, including a twin turbo system producing up to 1000 hp.

Located just west of Houston, Texas at the Lonestar Motorsports Park complex, HPE has been building American super cars for nearly two decades with its Veyron-beating Venom Vipers, Twin Turbo Ford GT's, 650 hp Nissan GTR's and recently released 700 hp Cadillac CTS-V's.