Mazda has revealed its plans to premiere the all-new Mazda5 at the renowned Geneva Motor Show. Regarded as one of the undoubted highlights at the forthcoming occasion, the 2011 Mazda5 has been engineered especially for the needs of the European families with active lifestyles.

The newly developed model takes to a whole new level the Mazda5's acclaimed functionality – with rear sliding doors and up to 7-seat Karakuri flexibility in the spacious cabin – and creates an eye-catching exterior that is unique to the C-MAV segment. The outer styling also benefits from the Mazda's ‘Nagare Flow' design language, combining futuristic lines with optimal lift and air-flow stability characteristics.

The brand-new Mazda5 is packed with the brand's recently-developed 2.0-litre DISI petrol engine equipped with i-stop, mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Estimated to be one of the most frugal and clean C-MAVs on the market, the newcomer boasts approximately 15 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the old petrol engine. The petrol line-up also features a 1.8-litre engine with a six-speed manual transmission.

The all-new Mazda5's European maret launch is scheduled for later this year.

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