At the world renowned Geneva Motor Show, Opel will premiere the 2011 Opel Meriva. Fitted with many innovative solutions that optimizes the flexible use of space, the second generation Opel Meriva excels in elegant appearance and versatility.

The new Meriva is set to raise the bar for flexible and comfortable yet affordable vehicle. Just like its first generation from 2003, the new Meriva includes the FlexSpace system, but further upgraded and simplified.  Undoubtedly, the new small monocab is all about " FLEXibility", it also introduces FlexDoors, innovative rear-hinged rear doors that facilitate access to its cabin – a premiere for a volume manufacturer. Furthermore, the newcomer from Opel features great interior storage space enhanced by a revolutionary concept of flexible center console, as well as the Opel-exclusive FlexFix system – the integrated rear bicycle carrier that is stored like a drawer under the luggage compartment.

Carrying Opel's award-winning new sculptural design language, the 2011 Meriva boasts extremely elegant and dynamic exterior and interior styling.

"With the Zafira Flex 7 and the Meriva's FlexSpace seating concepts, we invented a new kind of fully integrated, on-board flexibility," says Alain Visser, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Opel/Vauxhall. "With the new Meriva, we wanted to engineer the new versatility champion in the automotive industry. I don't see any other car offering so many ideas that make one's life easier."

2011 Opel Meriva is engineered with a longer wheelbase, wider front and rear tracks, which ensures greater handling and ride comfort. The range of engine units available for the new model strikes in economy and efficiency, their power output varies from 75 to 140 hp. The new vehicle will be offered with a choice of 5 and 6-speed manual transmissions as well as a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

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