Ford will hit the US market with its global performance car – Focus ST in the beginning of the next year. North American drivers will be able to own a performance car previously unavailable on this continent.

"Focus ST has not come around by chance," commented Jost Capito, director of Global Performance Vehicles.

"What came first was our global performance strategy, which has been developed with North America, Europe and Asia together. With this, the core DNA attributes - steering, driving dynamics, sound quality and power enhancements for all ST models - have been defined to the extent that our engineers can take that global DNA fingerprint and use it to create the new Focus ST.", he added.

Nothing is mentioned about the power, but the American version of Focus ST will be also powered by the famous 2.0 liter turbocharged EcoBoost, which has 250PS (184 kW) and 360Nm (265 lb-ft) of torque in Europe. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

2012 Ford Focus ST US also comes with a sport tuned suspension, big 18" alloy wheel fitted with low-profile performance tires - 235/40 R18 Goodyear Eagle F1. There is also a nice limited-slip differential on the front wheels making the cornering of so powerful FWD car way better.

"The same tires will be offered on the Focus ST in every country," said Matthias Tonn, chief program engineer for the Focus ST.

"They are designed to extract the best performance from the car on all road conditions. They don't compromise on performance, and they get the best out of the chassis and driver systems of the car.", he added.

The interior boasts sporty Recaro seats - available in partial or full leather, specially designed pedals, steering wheel and gearshift. The darker headlining and trim on the pillars, an integral part of the ST's design DNA, adds to the performance feel.

2012 Ford Focus ST US

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Source: Ford