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Ford News

gto engineering shares the first sketches of the new squalo

GTO Engineering has revealed the initial drawings of the neat interior of the new Squalo. The design team blends luxury, modern functionality, and cutting-edge and engineering ideas into a single design concept that would become the cabin of the new Squalo. The drawings demonstrate the overall design concept and the

mountune presents new performance upgrades for puma st and mk8 fiesta

Fans of the Puma ST are now capable of getting more out of the vehicle, thanks to the new performance upgrade packs – the m235 and m260. Also, fans of the Mk8 Fiesta ST can take advantage of the m260 kit, taking both vehicles to the next level of power and performance capabilities. The m235 kit can be easily installed and boosts the torque and power output by 35hp and 30Nm for a total of 235hp and 350Nm of torque. As it comes to the m260

mecum tulsa 2021 will feature 600 unique vehicles at a special event

Mecum Auctions, one of the largest collector-car auctions, will showcase 600 American muscle vehicles, classics, Corvettes, Trucks, Hot Rods, and numerous more at a special event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 11-12 June at the River Spirit Expo. Some of the notable vehicles at the event include a 2005 Ford GT with all four available options, two 1970 Chevy Chevelles, one convertible, and three classic Ford Broncos. Additional offerings include 24

low-mileage vehicles are confirmed for cca’s auction at the london classic car show

The lot list for the Classic Car Auctions sale at the London Classic Car Show is increasing by the day with new fabulous and low-mileage entries. 1977 Lotus Esprit Series 1 The first new vehicle in the list is a special 1977 Lotus Esprit Series 1 with 27,000 miles on the clock. The engine, gearbox and chassis all have matching numbers, and the interior has been retrimmed by SJ Sportscars in Tartan and Green fabric, with Orange carpets – w

silverstone auctions reveal a lineup of limited and low-mileage vehicles

Silverstone Auctions closed their catalogue with a set of low mileage and low ownership vehicles. 1999 Subaru 22B-STi Type UK First, there’s the 1999 Subaru 22B-STi Type UK. The vehicle is rare and special. 1 of only 16 units, the vehicle is well-regarded among the Subaru fanbase, and occasionally appears in many magazines. This particular unit has had only 2 previous owners during the last 18 years and has only overed 49,000 miles. 1961 Mor

ford reveals first details for the new mustang nascar machine

Ford unveils new 2022 NASCAR Next-Gen Mustang. This is bran’s vehicle that will compete in the NASCAR Cup Series next season. The vehicle has been under construction for two years and showcases a completely new technical and design approach, compared to previous generations and unlike them, the exterior is the only noticeable change. However, the vehicle incorporates the latest and greatest technical concept known to the world of motorsport.

ford works on a new illumination technology [video]

Ford team is looking to a new way of making driving in the dark easier and more comfortable. The company’s engineers at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe are testing a technology that uses real-time location data to effectively show the vehicle’s way to go. This predictive smart headlight system directs

henry ford ii’s 1981 ford capri 2.8i will be auctioned this week

A special 1981 Ford Capri 2.8 injection, exclusively created for Henry Ford II will be auctioned on the 23rd of April by Car & Classic. This is one of the three special Ford vehicles created for Henry Ford II and this particular Capri was specially created to be used when traveling in the UK. Capri was hand-picked off the Cologne production line and then underwent a transformation that included additional layers of paint, stricter quality