Since the day, that it was launched, the latest AYGO became one of the most popular A-segment contenders, that was sold with more than 70,000 units through Europe. With its well-known design and the extensive customization tweaks, along with the engineering improvements, the AYGO is made with fun in mind. And now, Toyota team is ready for the next step: the team introduced the AYGO x-cute, that brings even more tweaks, add-ons and options. Let's check it out!

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The latest edition  comes with a redesigned Cyan Splash exterior with piano black details and graphics, while the front fender and side mirrors are finished in Bold Black. Furthermore, the vehicle brings and stylish 15-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with Glossy Black finish. An one more suprice: the latest x-cite will be available with a bi-tone1 option, which adds blackened roof and A-pillars for even better looks.

The interior is shaped with the Cyan Splash finish concept, that is precisely mixed with Bold Black components, like the instrument panel and the centre console. Some additional components include the "Toyota Safety Sence", which is a special set of additional safety features, especially designed prevent collisions in complex road situations.


Furthermore, a  Pre-Collision System watches for other vehicles in front and activates special mechanisms, that prevent the risk of hitting cars from behind. The PSC also can activate additional emergency brake, that delivers extra stopping force, if the driver couldn't react on time. It is good to hear, that vehicle brands focus more and more on the safety system in their vehicles.

There is also a special Lane Departure Alert (LDA) system, incorporated in the latest Toyota vehicle, that monitors lane markings and reminds the driver to get back in the line.

And when we talk about systems, let us tell you a bit about the drivetrain system. The 2015 AYGO comes with a 3-cylinder 1.0-Liter VVT-i petrol engine, that Euro 6 compliant.  Furthermore, the engine provides a class-leading fuel efficiency with only 88 g/km emissions. The vehicle is geared with x-shift automated manual transmission.

The 2015 AYGO x-cite is expected to be available for sale in June 2015

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