2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid Toyota unveiled the latest 2016 Prius today in Las Vegas. This is a fourth generation hybrid model that offers some sporty spirit along with beautiful styling and enhanced driving experience.

In the response to the trend of exceptional environmental benefits, Toyota team went for a vehicle that offers not only interesting design and smooth driving experience but also is geared with latest generation of systems and technologies for class-leading performance and comfort. So, let's see what the 2016 Prius offers in details.

Style and appearance

2016 Prius has that.. interesting presence. I am convinced that there are numerous people who would not like the exterior looks at all, but I do believe that its somehow different. There are some aggressive edges and some elegant lines. The front meets you with its interestingly designed headlights that contribute to the overall badass-looking stance. And there is also something else in the design of the face. The latest Prius comes with this somehow triangular concept which gives the vehicle distinctive and modern appearance. The back continues the triangular affair and features a special wing, paired to the vehicle in interesting way. Meanwhile the rear lamps express further the extravagant appearance of the car.

2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid

The interior, on the other hand, adopts the latest technologies and features to offer fun and pleasurable drive. Once inside the vehicle, you will feel comfortable and impressed by the overall coziness and easy-to-use gadgets. And there is surely a sense of high quality, instantly felt when working either with the "display zone" or the "control zone". And maybe here is the big difference between interior and exterior. Many will find the interior far more appealing and nicely done, while people generally are not satisfied with this vehicle's exterior style.

2016 Toyota Prius and its other offerings

Along with the promise of high quality and versatility, Toyota also implements the Toyota New Global Architecture program that will deliver the best and most useful drivetrain components and technologies. The new Prius will benefit from entirely different Toyota platform which will significantly improve steering, handling and safety functions. If fact, Toyota team ensures us that their latest vehicle is restyled in every possible.

The hybrid system and its evolution

The 2016 Prius underwent a comprehensive program of size and weight reduction which results on both things. First, maintaining higher overall performance and secondly, the whole hybrid system is now improved. The Prius achieved a remarkable 40 per cent thermal efficiency and incredible boost in fuel efficiency.

Improved driving dynamics and safety

2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2016 Prius is 60mm longer, 15mm wider and 20mm lower than its predecessor which means that the vehicle offers and more occupant and cargo room. Furthermore, the class-leading low center of gravity and the responsive suspension package ensures smooth and overall improved driving experience. There are also numerous improvements to chassis rigidity that boost the overall flexibility and responsiveness in corners.

And as always, the vehicle is geared with latest and greatest systems of safety and comfort. So, what do you think about the vehicle?

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