Keep your eyes peeled as a new Aston Martin might be coming out. Well, we say new, but it actually a special edition of the DBS – the ultimate Aston get's an "Ultimate" trim. Not much has been disclosed so far so we'll have to play the guessing game.

There will two versions of it – Coupe and Volante (open top). The exterior shades will range from Silver Fox to Quantum Silver and Carbon Black II. The wheels will be strictly Black Diamond only contrasted by the yellow brake calipers (one would be able to have them also in red or black). The wing mirror caps and lamp in-falls will be garnished with carbon fiber and the rear lights will be smoked. A unique "DBS Ultimate" will finish off the exterior look.

As for the inside, we can clearly see those Obsidian Black, diamond patterned seats with contrasting red stitching – delicious. The inside of the door bares the same design while the headlining is made from Alcantra. On the headrests, we find yet again, a unique DBS Ultimate badge with red in-fill. The flappy paddles behind the well also get a leather treatment in red.

If this really is going to be the "ultimate" Aston Martin DBS then it better develop, at the very least 510 hp and 570 Nm. This is the absolute minimum. Pretty certain that they won't change the plant – 5.9-liter V12 but squeezing out more juice from it does not sound that impossible.

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate

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