Astrum Meera is an innovative concept ride, sketched by John Baltazar, a car designer from the American University of Sharjah, and 3D-visualized by Skyrill design studio.

Looking extremely sporty and mean, the Astrum Meera has masculine yet bold exterior styling reinforced by contrasting two-tone body paint and highly sculpted rear end with two quad-shaped end pipes and thin trunk-edge placed tail lights.

Besides its stunning, athletic body design, the Astrum Meera further highlights some exceptionally innovative ideas, including exhaust unit with built-in sensors, which measures the level of CO2 emmisions and alert the driver when it exceeds the normal values; High-tech, wide rims with magnetic levitation, like train wheels, which make the car lighter and faster; Hidden side mirrors that pops-up when the motor start, yet have built-in cameras that allow driver to observe outside from the cockpit of its vehicle without even open the windows or turning its head around.