There are a lot of stunning cars at the Auto China in Beijing, which is held April 23rd to May 2nd 2010, but no one of them can't get near to the real eye-catcher at the show is BMW Concept Gran Coupe. It is a 4-door vehicle with excellent dynamic proportions.

In 2007, BMW presented their Concept CS, which was their first 4-door coupe and it never come to serial production. Hopefully the new one – Gran Coupe to have better success, because it just looks amazing. The car combines the sporty character of coupes and the fuctionality of the 4-door cars.

BMW Concept Gran Coupe is almost 5 metres long, which grants excellent comfort. The huge interior space and the long wheelbase, which delivers smooth going, will satisfy even the most capricious customers. Moreover, like every other BMW, the Gran Coupe will bring extraordinary good driving experience.

Following the traditions of sport cars, Gran Coupe is only 1.40 metres high, which is up to 100mm flatter than 5 and 7 series. Better balance is achieved, lowering the center of gravity without disturbing the comfort of the occupants. The Hofmeister kink is also present in the vehicle – it additionally emphasising the exclusive character of the vehicle. The four frameless doors complete the whole view of Gran Coupe.

The rear of Gran Coupes have the latest feature of all BMWs – L-shaped lights with LED technology as well as the third light.

There is a lot to say about this stunning car, but just look at it! Everything comes to a sense and how a BMW should look. Aggressive and elegant, nice and smooth, just a perfection.

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