Citroën continues to innovate and lead the way forward in the automotive world with C-Cactus, a concept car combining environmental respect, vivacious styling and a judicious price-equipment ratio. In a major event at this year's Paris Motor Show, the Marque is presenting an electric-powered version of C-Cactus, illustrating the breadth of its environmental research and development.

The originality and creativity of C-Cactus brought it immediate acclaim. Citroën has thus decided to launch a project based directly on the concept car.

C-Cactus explores new vehicle design processes. The emphasis during development was on environmental technology and styling, with designers abandoning equipment that was not vital to passenger comfort. By carefully considering materials and simplifying the design, they were able to reduce the number of parts, using just over 200 for the cabin. This is almost half the number used by a regular same-size hatchback.

A range of engines could be envisaged for this new project:

- an optimised petrol version using the 1-litre unit developed by PSA Peugeot Citroën,

- a HYmotion2 hybrid featuring a combustion engine and an electric motor,

- a 100% electric model, for use in the city and suburbs, perfect for the increasing number of short journeys people are making, especially businesses and town government.

Citroën is unveiling the electric version at the Paris Motor Show. With zero emissions (0 g/km of CO2), the all-electric C-Cactus is a bona fide environmental performer. And needs less fuel than a cactus does water!

Technical characteristics of the electric C-Cactus




Top speed: 110 km/h


150 km