2016 Chevrolet Cruze TeaserChevrolet Cruze is one of the best selling cars globally. It's world sales have surpassed 3.5 million, which signifies that the company has to do something acknowledge this fact. The milestone will be marked with the introduction of Chevy's next-generation Cruze on June 24.

The compact vehicle will keep its great design and engineering features that made it award winning and so much appraised. The future customers will still get the stylish and playful style of the car, the great safety and connectivity features and all of this at an affordable pricing.

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What is the difference? The 2016 Cruze has one purpose and it is to bring forward the segment with more of the features that future buyers find attractive. In addition, it will be larger but at the same time it will weigh less.

Chevrolet did not say much, but it still revealed that the new generation model will be equipped with more innovative technologies, new engines and optional safety features. In fact, just like the other cars in company's range, the Volt, Spark, Malibu and Camaro that were revealed earlier this year, Cruze will bring to 25 new technologies to the brand. In this way Chevrolet will make sure that the safety, fuel economy, performance and connectivity is better than ever.

We can see from the teaser image that the new Cruze will boast refreshed sporty front featuring thinner grille and bigger air intake as well as new design for the headlights. At last, it was also officially disclosed that 2016 Cruze will be one of the first vehicles in company's line-up to feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze is scheduled to hit showrooms in the beginning of 2016.

Note: In the gallery below are shown 2015 Cruze pictures. 

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