Clive Sutton Ford Mustang CS700 front viewClive Sutton, the famous dealer, has just unveiled Sutton Bespoke tuning packages for the right-hand drive Ford Mustang. They transform the muscle icon thoroughly and give it power of up to 700 hp. The unique individual program comprises from a wide range of equipment, which enhances car's performance, handling and styling.

The tuner has made an emphasis over the upgraded suspension, because it delivers sharper on-the-limit handling, but it does not sacrifice the comfort over the broken road surfaces. Called Sutton Bespoke Power Packages, they offer three specifications CS350, CS500 and the supercharged CS700.

While the first one has been developed for the 2.3-litre EcoBoost model, the latter two were made for Ford's 5.0-litre V8 equipped variants. Precisely, the Mustang with the CS350 Power Package has an improvement of its output of up to 330bhp. The CS500 Power Package incorporates an upgraded cold-air intake, thus making it possible to lift peak power to 440bhp.

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At the top of the range sits the CS700 Power Package, which dramatically increases the peak power of the standard V8, lifting it from 416bhp to 645bhp . How this was made possible? The tuner achieved it through the addition of a Whipple supercharger, upgraded intercooler and a new quad-tailpipe active exhaust system. And by the way, the other two packs also get the latter. Note that performance can be taken to an even higher level with the help of larger throttle body, uprated injectors and a different pulley. As a result, the peak power is taken to over 700bhp!

Clive Sutton Ford Mustang CS700 rear view

All packs include Active Exhaust Control, which is activated by a switch located on the centre console. How does the Mustang benefit from it? The system allows the driver to adjust the volume and tone of the exhaust sound, choosing from Touring, Sport, Track and Custom settings.

In addition, customers can specify handling modifications that complement the power upgrades. Precisely, the Sutton Bespoke Ride Package features KW coilovers and adjustable springs at the front, matched dampers at the rear. The result is 30mm lower height.

As an option, Sutton developed the Appearance Package, which includes a carbon fiber decklid panel, chin spoiler, rear wing and side skirts, painted wing mirrors, gloss black ‘Pony' emblem for the V8 , gloss black ‘5.0' wing motifs.

There is a Brake Package, too. It adds uprated discs with two-piece rotors that reduce mass and improve heat management. The standard alloys are changed with 20-inch, 10-spoke custom finished gloss black Vossen rims.

For those who want their Mustang to look even more individual, the tuner has created an Individual Options list. It includes bespoke carbon fibre bonnet with functional ‘ram air' scoop, carbon fibre rear window louvers, four-piece carbon fiber dashboard for the interior and a high-power audio system.

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Ford Mustang CS700 Specifications:

Power Package CS700 (V8) – Power Package includes, Supercharger, Inter-Cooler, Quad Exhaust, Active Exhaust System & Rear Valance
CS700 (V8) – Extended Power Package (in conjunction with the above) adds larger throttle body and carbon fibre inlet tubes
CS500 (V8) – CS500 Power Package includes, Cold Air Intake, Quad Exhaust, Active Exhaust Control & Rear Valance
CS350 (EcoBoost) – CS350 Power Package includes, Cold Air Intake, Quad Exhaust, Active Exhaust Control & Rear Valance
Ride Package For CS700 – CS700 Ride Package includes, CS700 Suspension which reduces ride height by 30mm, 20" Wheels available in custom finish & Bridgestone tyres
For CS500 and CS350 – Ride Package for CS500 & CS350 includes, CS springs which reduces ride height by 25mm,, Original wheels finished in custom colour.
Brake Package For all models – upgraded slotted lightweight discs
Appearance Package For all models – Appearance package includes, Carbon side skirt rockers, Carbon deck-lid panel, Carbon chin front splitter, Carbon rear spoiler, Painted wing mirrors, Gloss black 5.0 emblem (pair), Gloss Black "Pony" emblem.
Individual Options (cost when fitted in conjunction with Power Package) Carbon fibre ‘ram air' bonnet
Carbon fibre four-piece dashboard
Quarter panel side scoop
Carbon fibre window louvres
Body colour window louvres
Body colour bonnet scoop
Rear aluminium louvres (Fastback only)
Exterior custom lighting pack
Super HiFi Audio package

Source: Clive Sutton