Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs Mercedes SLS AMG vs Mercedes C63 AMGMercedes-AMG fans will hate this video, because it shows how a Vette C6 literally destroys two AMGs in a drag race. Everything is matter of seconds, but they are in favor of the Chevy. What's even sad is that one of German-made cars was actually tuned. And can you believe that after the tuning, which gave the C63 AMG the strength of 700HP, it still couldn't beat the Corvette ZR1?

Well, to be honest there are also some tweaks done on the Chevrolet, like the Stage 2 kit for the engine, which gives it the immense power of 720HP. And this is why it could actually beat the two Mercedes-AMGs. Wonder whether it could do this in case they all have kept their stock outputs? Especially the 570HP SLS AMG. What do you think?

Source: DragTimes via YouTube