Vilner BMW F10 is the latest project that has just been finished by the exceptional Bulgarian tuning company Vilner. The car already has got the perfect forms, design and technical characteristics. What makes it unique however, is the astonishing interior design, which is everything that one could possibly want. In details, the interior is in white and carries a well outspoken personality. This is achieved due to the high-quality materials used: white leather for the seats and for the internal par of the doors, the lower part of the panel; and black Alcantara for the attic and the inner part of the seats. The leading motive is the red line, which is featured in key parts of the coupe and makes a great accent on the gearshift and the steering wheel. More importantly, the latter is entirely recreated and now has new more ergonomically improved design. This exceptional work from the Vilner Tuning Company is once again a proof of the quality of work they are delivering. The result after this modification is an interior, which can be a proud rival to any new conceptual vehicle. What Vilner has done here is to bring even more energy, style and appeal to the already amazing BMW F10.

Vilner BMW F10

Vilner BMW F10 Interior

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