So you have a bit of money saved up and now the time has come to get yourself a car. You are in for a ride of your life even before you get in your car. Few things are more stressful looking for a car. Luckily though, there are places in the internet where your browsing pains can be relieved.

Head over there and start looking for your future car. Used car deals have a lot more benefits behind them than one might think. Why go for a brand new Kia Cee'd which is a great car overall, but a bit cold on the inside (figuratively speaking). For the same amount of you can get one of those BMW E60s you have always dreamed of. A quick search through's engine and we found a perfect specimen from 2008 in an absolutely decent nick (50,000 miles in the clock). The price - £16,500.

How about a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 S Convertible - 10 years of age, 63,000 miles of passionate driving and roughly the same price. You are of the classic types? No problem – a 1991 Porsche Carrera 2 – 100, 000 miles of history, no difference in the price.

These are just shots in the dark really. Dive into the world of second hand cars, and you'll find your own gem. Here are some tips from us when snooping around

Always look for the service history – keeping everything in check is essential for the car's longevity

Check to see if the engine has been thoroughly cleaned – if so, pass to the next one. A thorough cleaning is usually an attempt to cover up an oily leak.

Check the upholstery, steering wheel, pedals and gear lever for waring – a car that has suspiciously few miles on the clock, might be clocked.

Make sure to view the car on a well light day, no rain, no fog – this may sound a bit daft, but noticing rust, bumps, cracks and scratches can be done most effectively during a bright day.