In an environment where the low cost car will have e growing important part in every market, also the most developed, Fioravanti proposes again the Tris project.

The project of an economical car is typical of Italian design, Fioravanti wants to define a low cost car with new parameters, not only looking to production places where the labour costs are lower, but designing a vehicle that is intrinsically economical.

The purpose of this vehicle, characterized by patented solutions, is to influence a future series of cars which components will be strongly reduced in their number. Such components will no longer identified with numbers and definitions in respect to their positions, but they will be designed only for their function.

This is a new way to think and to approach the basic vehicle. The doors will no longer be "right door n…" and "left door n.." or " rear door n…", the bumper will no longer be front bumper and rear bumper, the lighting will no longer be the front left headlight and rear left headlight. All these elements will be defined only as: OPENING FUNCTION, BUMPER FUNCTION, LIGHTING FUNCTION, because these components are exactly the same piece regardless of their position (left, right, front, rear).

Also the protective framework structure is influenced by this new approach; it is identical on both side of the vehicle, making the appearance of Tris typical. The two rear side-window are identical too.

Fioravanti Tris

This design fall on the whole production chain from development phase simplifying feasibility, engineering, prototyping, going on the production itself benefiting plant, tooling, assembly, logistics etc.

With the patented body solutions of Tris, we think is possible to reach a true low cost car, equipped with future eco-friendly engines or traditional ones, which dimensions don't need to be necessarily reduced.


LENGTH mm. 3850

WIDTH mm. 1720

HEIGHT mm. 1530

WHEELBASE mm. 2550