Do you know what is better than a car that helps prevent spinouts once they occur? The answer is in the 2015 Ford Focus, because it can predict a spin before it even begins. The vehicle is getting enhanced by transitional stability technology designed to predict potential vehicle spinouts. This system intervenes earlier than previous once in order to help the driver in case he or she loses control of the car. The new technology uses real-time sensor data to trigger spinout-mitigating braking inputs from vehicle's electronic stability control. In addition, it combines real-time data from sensors to anticipate a potential spin by 100 to 200 milliseconds.

The stability control technology is active all of the time and determines when a car meets the conditions that may lead to a spin. Then it intervenes early to help prevent the driver from losing control.

This feature is also dubbed enhanced transitional stability technology. It also delivers better handling in highly dynamic driving maneuvers. Important vehicle data like speed, steering wheel position, turn rate of the steering wheel and other input is considered to determine when a skid is imminent.

If there is any risk, braking is applied to individual wheels. This will help the driver keep control over the car and continue on the intended path.

2015 Focus will get at no cost the new transitional stability technology. This innovative system came about when engineers applied an algorithm that was in use with Ford's Roll Stability Control to the new transitional stability technology. As a result they invented the stability control system that predicts potential spins before they happen.

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