Another great video with extremely fast street legal vehicles by Dragtimesinfo. In this clip you'll see Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 LPE, Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo UGR and Nissan GT-R Switzer R850.

The Lambo UGR makes two starts – first against the GT-R Switzer and second versus Corvette ZR1. The twin-turbo UGR has more than 1500HP, but because of the rainy surface, it has huge problems with traction. As you will see in the first start, it crosses the finish line with terminal speed of 339 km/h, which alarms for a lot of wheelspin.

In the second start the Gallardo is going against Corvette ZR1 Lingenfelter, which has half of Lambo's power – 730HP. Obviously, it won't be an interesting race, but everything happens on a drag race!

Enjoy the video!

Source: Dragtimesinfo via Youtube