Gemballa are ready to introduce several pimped cars at the Geneva Motor Show, next week. Actually, they will introduce three vehicles - Tornado Cayenne II, Mistrale Panamera and Racing MP4-12C GT3. The SUV and the sports saloon are extremely updated, while the McLaren features minor changes and a lot of badges.

Gemballa Tornado is based on Porsche Cayenne II and features full body kit including new front and rear bumpers, wheel arch extensions and a pair of side skirts. There are also two performance packages boosting the mighty twin-turbocharged V8 to 700HP and 1000Nm. There are also Brembo brake system including 420mm vented discs with 6-piston calipers at the front and 405mm with 4-piston at the rear. The SUV stands on a set of huge rims – 10J x 22" with 295/35 ZR22 at the front and 12J x 22" with 335/30 ZR22 tires at the rear. Only 30 units are planned to be produced.

The Mistrale Panamera is as insane as the Tornado or maybe more. It also features complete body kit, but this time almost everything is reworked even the rear lights. It also rides on the same 22" multi-spoke lightweight foged wheels, but the brake system is slightly smaller – 411 mm discs at the front axle with 6-piston calipers and 380mm discs at the rear axle with 4-piston calipers. The performance packages are the same – Stage I – 610PS and 850Nm and Stage II – 700PS and 1000Nm. The interior is also entirely reworked – there is Alcantara all over the place – dashboard, steering wheel, seats, etc.

Last is the Racing MP4-12C GT3 coming with a new paint and a lot of badges. The only exterior modification is the vented front hood, because a GT3 car is expected to be perfect, especially, when it is priced from £310 000. However, because of the mods, Gembala Racing MP4-12C GT3 is expected to be more expensive.

Gemballa Racing McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Source: Gemballa