GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) has introduced the 2009 model year Winstorm. The latest version of its popular SUV, which includes additional convenience and safety features, goes on sale nationwide beginning August 25.

Among the new features that come standard on all models are a roof rail, self levelizer and rear parking.

Reflecting the opinion of customers, GM Daewoo also has expanded the number of standard and optional features on each of the Winstorm's trim levels.  Based on the model, they may include a larger driver's sunshade, leather gear knobs, a sunroof, 18-inch alloy wheels, curtain airbags and the ISOFIX child safety seat system. Despite this feature expansion, the vehicle prices remain unchanged, making the 2009 Winstorm purchases even more attractive.

In addition, the most popular trim level, the Winstorm Xtreme now comes with an optional package for the LT Deluxe and LT Supreme that accentuates the SUV's sporty, dynamic looks.  It includes a red-stitched black and red leather interior, a chrome bumper grille, chrome-ringed fog lamps, rear clear chrome lamps and large dual mufflers.

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Rick LaBelle, GM Daewoo Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, said: "The 2009 model year Winstorm maximizes customer value in the SUV segment.  We expect that its introduction will boost SUV sales in the domestic market."

In connection with the introduction of the 2009 model year Winstorm, GM Daewoo is launching a new advertising campaign entitled "Refreshed and Out of Routine," which features a Winstorm floating on a raft. It gets its inspiration from famous poet Eun Ko, who wrote: "Go where you are a stranger."  This reflects the Winstorm spirit.  The advertisement will begin airing on August 25.

Since its launch in July 2006, the Winstorm has been well received in the global market. The SUV got the spotlight in Spain with the nomination as the best SUV in the ‘2007 Best Car of the Year' award selected by 53 auto industry experts and journalists. On top of the honorable moment, in the same year, the Winstorm recorded not only the third-biggest market share in the mid-sized SUV market in Australia, but also the segment-leader in sales in Vietnam. In June 2008, GM DAEWOO launched the Winstorm MAXX, premium compact SUV to enhance it's SUV lineup.

The 2009 Winstorm comes in three trim levels – LS, LT and LTX – and is priced as follows:

* Five-Seater: 2WD LS: KRW 20,830,000 2WD LT: KRW 22,400,000~26,930,000 4WD LT: KRW 24,050,000~28,750,000 4WD LTX: KRW 30,390,000 (LT Supreme and LTX trims only come with an automatic transmission)

* Seven-Seater: 2WD LS: KRW 21,330,000 2WD LT: KRW 22,900,000~27,430,000 4WD LT: KRW 24,550,000~29,250,000 4WD LTX: KRW 30,890,000 (LT Supreme and LTX trims only come with an automatic transmission)