The 2009 Lacetti hatchback offers body kits as standard equipment in most trim levels, along with newly designed 15-inch alloy wheels, adding a more dynamic and sportier look. Rear parking assist also comes standard in the SX and Diamond models.

"The hatchback market in Korea has been growing steadily," said Rick Labelle, GM Daewoo Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing. "With its exciting styling and standard amenities, we expect the 2009 Lacetti hatchback to attract many additional customers to the segment."

In connection with the introduction of the 2009 Lacetti hatchback, GM Daewoo is launching several promotional initiatives from July through October such as free car tune-up classes and unique test-drive programs involving GM Daewoo racing team members. To participate, individuals can log on to GM Daewoo's motorsports website ( There will be about 700 lucky winners.

The 2009 Lacetti hatchback with a manual transmission is priced at KRW 12,460,000 for the LUX, KRW 13,900,000 for the SX, KRW 14,790,000 for the Diamond, and KRW 17,380,000 for the 2.0-liter diesel Diamond.