Considered to be the joining link between the SUV RR600 and the GT LM, the GRUPPO B is characterized by the new V8 Chevrolet, modified according to our specifications, foreseeing as the leading model a 7.0 litre version with 600hp and an supercharged version of more than 700hp. The mechanical engineering is such as to optimize sports ability/utility with lightening bolt acceleration but in all security due to the AWD. Street tires, short wheelbase, less height from the ground, lower weight, and a shorter gear ratio as compared to the RR600, make this car an authentic missile.

Researched and developed to be the street version of the legendary Gr B prototypes that defined Rally history in the 80's by enhancing some of the characteristics that made them famous (AWD Turbo with fantastic power to weight ratios), it's a 2+2 vehicle with ample trunk space that allows normal use without leaving anything out.

It's destined for enthusiasts of modern and fast driving who do not want to be subjected to the limits imposed by the GT's, but who want to use their thoroughbreds on all occasions.

Fornasari GRUPPO B

The inside has a decisively sporty design rendered comfortable and spacious through studies that raise the comfort level on board . Personalization is always encouraged, this being a feature that distinguishes Fornasari. The use of fine and luxurious materials is studied and chosen directly with the client.

The line distinguishes itself from the RR600 by underlining the aggressiveness of the car, with forceful spoilers and large wings. Although the sizing is different in all details, familiarity still remains: the four front lights and the back lights are still protagonists.

The Chassis remains light and is extraordinarily versatile thanks to the chromomolibden tubular frame. Brembo brakes assure first place stop times.

Fornasari GRUPPO B

Tires mounted on 20" wheel rims offer anthological driving precision.

Proflex or Ohlins shock absorbers with independent oil tanks, along with the anti-roll bars, guarantees the road handling and rapid feedback required from such a super car.

The carbon fibre and Kevlar body ensures resistance and trust worthiness to wear and tear over time.

Weighing 1,500kg dry weight , the car is made with different levels of engine power: 500, 600, or 700HP. Upon request, higher engine powers can be placed.

The transmissioncan be both AWD (with viscose coupling 38/62 front/ rear)or RWD, with the rear limited slip differential and a six speed manual gear box.


On the inside we find 2 anatomically designed front seats upholstered in alcantara leather that can be regulated; whereas in the back, there are 2 comfortable seats that can be bent and forwarded so as to allow a quite large loading space without sacrificing the modern day necessities that one wants in such a car.

Everything is remindful of the real cars built by hand: hand wrought and satin finished aluminium, stitching of the finest leathers, the foot pedal and the console modelled as unique pieces.

The instrumentation is circular with metal lancets balanced by hand inside dials that are familiar to collectors. Next to a classic style we find the most modern technology thanks to the integrated multimedia navigation system.

THE CHASSIS The skeleton of the car is characterized by the tubular frame in special chromolibden steel, a true space frame already tested at length in the GT an RR versions.

Over 450 tubes criss-cross to give rigidity and a torsion capacity of less than 150 kg.

The suspensions are independent overlapped triangles, equal on four sides, with concentric spring shock absorbers which can be regulated in compression and extension along with the front and back roll bars.


The heart is made with the latest generation of engines by General Motors but revised for Fornasari in the United States entirely built in aluminium, light and trustworthy.

Frugal in consumption and within emission norms, there is no limit in taking advantage of the power. TECHNICAL SPECIFICAT

Engine: 6000cc - 8 cylinders Power: 610hp @ 6000 rpm Torque: 748 Nm @ 5100 rpm Traction: AWD Length: 435 cm Width: 204 cm Height: 155 cm Wheelbase: 275 cm Weight: 1500 kg Seats: 2 + 2


Max speed (self-limited): 280 km/h Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.6 1 seconds Km run in: 22 seconds

DRIVE TRAIN ALL WHEEL DRIVE Central differential: Viscous coupling 60% rear, 40% front Rear differential: Dana 44 slip limited Manual transmission: Borg Warner 6 speed Manual: 1^2.66, 2^1.78, 3^1.30, 4^1.00, 5^0.74, 6^0.50, reverse 2.90 Axle ratios: 4.10