The tuning company HAMANN didn't miss to refine one of the best small city cars – Fiat 500. HAMANN re-designed the whole car body. They broaden it with 30mm at the front and 35mm at the back axle. The body kit includes custom front skirt, custom side skirts and newly designed tail. The tuning specialists added 4 exhaust pipes and a specially customized diffuser. This completes the aggressive look of the small car.

The tuning package from HAMANN includes new bigger wheels - 8.0J x 18" for the front- and 9.0J x 18" for the rear axle. In addition, HAMANN offers matching tyres measuring 215/35 ZR18 or 225/35 ZR18.

The handling is improved by putting HAMANN-coilover suspension which lowers the car's centre of gravity by up to 60 mm.

The engine power is increased to 265 hp at 5,630 rpm and the maximum torque rises to enormous 348 Nm at 4,200rpm. Fiat 500 Hamann becomes from a small city car to scalpel for the race tracks.

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Full Press Release:

HAMANN LARGO – The dynamic broad modification for the Fiat 500

Last year, the tuning specialist HAMANN-Motorsport confirmed that it is not only one of the best addresses for refining BMW models and exclusive luxury automobiles. With the sportive accessory programme for the Fiat 500, the Laupheim-based technicians left their long-established grounds and joyfully and blissfully indulged in refining the trendy retro scooter. Their efforts paid out, the refining line for the Italian compact car met the approval of the Fiat 500 enthusiasts. Therefore, HAMANN now adds the impressive broad modification HAMANN LARGO to its portfolio.

HAMANN-Motorsport did not have to venture unchartered grounds, as the company has been specialised in such sporty modifications for many years already. The latest impressive contributions by the tuning expert were the Mercedes SLR VOLCANO, the BMW X6 TYCOON EVO or the Porsche Cayenne CYCLONE.

For the modified design vocabulary of the trendy Italian, the engineers designed new aerodynamics components made of light composite materials. Perfectly manufactured extensions seamlessly fit into the car body design and give the LARGO a masculine appearance. A striking eye-catcher is the re-designed front skirt with integrated LED-lights. Special wing extensions are added at the front and the back. They broaden the car body by impressive 30 millimetres at the front- and 35 millimetres at the back axle. The visual excellence is rendered by the perfectly shaped side skirts. And also the newly designed tail is remarkable: four exhaust end pipes and a diffuser which resembles the Ferrari element leave an extraordinary mark at the tail. It goes without saying that all HAMANN-components do not only convince with their look, but also with their aerodynamic characteristics. They produce an optimised air duct across the car silhouette and therefore render additional downforce.

Matching the new, dynamic automobile look, HAMANN-Motorsport offers the striking design wheel LARGO FORGED ANODIZED. The matt black anodised, one-part rim is available in 8.0 x 18 for the front- and 9.0 x 18 for the rear axle. In addition, HAMANN offers matching tyres measuring 215/35 ZR18 or 225/35 ZR18. But not only the dynamic design of the light alloy rim is inspiring. Due to its light weight, also the unsprung masses of the car are reduced. This leads to a better handling and more agility. Another enhancement for handling the car is the HAMANN-coilover suspension which lowers the car?s centre of gravity by up to 60 mm.

A specifically developed sport exhaust system turns the retro scooter into a tough sports car and renders a powerful and earthy sound. The system includes an end muffler with four round stainless steel pipes, a pre-muffler with a metal catalyser and a sport manifold. All components can also be ordered separately. The HAMANN-technicians developed a performance kit especially for the Fiat 500 Abarth. The engine output increase to 265 hp at 5,630 r.p.m. The maximum torque rises to enormous 348 Nm at 4,200 r.p.m

HAMANN also developed a stable sport brake system for the Fiat 500 which renders advanced deceleration values. The set consist of two perforated and internally ventilated brake discs (diameter 280 x 28mm) at the front axle in combination with red 4-piston brake callipers and steel-covered brake tubes. The back axle can optionally be equipped with discs measuring 257 mm in diameter.

An aluminium pedal set including foot rests and a door mat set with embroidered HAMANN sportive logo leave dynamic highlights in the interior and stylishly perfect the Fiat 500 programme.