2020 HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63HOFELE-Design GmbH, the Stuttgart-based automotive design and engineering team specializing in manufacturer-approved upgrades of Mercedes-Benz machines, has launched an enhancement pack for the Mercedes-AMG G 63. Let's check it out!

Exterior upgrades and features

The most notable changes are the new front bumper, which incorporates carbon-fiber and "dark shadow" chrome elements. Additionally, the original front grille and the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star was replaced with a HOFELE-Design signature grille in chrome and carbon-fiber components. There are also low-profile roof-mounted LED projector lights, located above the header rail at each corner that contributes to that visual impact and also increases night-time visibility for the driver.

Furthermore, the sides of the AMG G 63 are distinguished by deployable "Full-Length Side Steps", an exclusive feature by HOFELE-Design. Key to the revised exterior design is the exhaust that exits from the sills on both sides of the vehicle, just ahead of the rear wheels. This approach not only contributes to visual aesthetics but also interferes with the placement of the side-steps. Also, HOFELE-Design's novel solution is a full-length deployable step that incorporates exhaust tips.

At the rear, there are numerous carbon-fiber components, most notably seen on the rear bumper and also there's this new and eye-catching multi-spoke-effect HOFELE-Design cover for the rear door-mounted spare wheel.

Interior changes and upgrades

2020 HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63

For the cabin, HOFELE-Design team has included completely retrimmed seats, dashboard, central console, door cards, pillars, and headlining. Also, customers can specify their G 63 model with different types of Alcantara and leather. What is also notable about the interior of the revised vehicle is the meticulous attention to detail – designers and engineers have included numerous ornaments and have added perforation and stitching in an exclusive HOFELE-Design manner, which further adds up to the exclusivity of the AMG G-Class machine.

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Drivetrain system remains untouched

2020 HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63

The mechanical components of the G 63, including engine and chassis, remain completely original and haven't been modified in any way by HOFELE-Design. By doing so, engineers have preserved the integrity of the manufacturer and dealer warranties. Besides, the Mercedes-AMG machines already feature advanced and fine-tuned premium systems that do not need further modifications.


HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63 (2020) - picture 1 of 3
HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63 (2020) - picture 2 of 3
HOFELE Design Mercedes-AMG G-63 (2020) - picture 3 of 3

Source: HOFELE-Design