GM Holden will introduce fuel saving Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology on all its V8 automatic models from January 2009. AFM, or cylinder deactivation, enables an eight cylinder vehicle to automatically operate on four cylinders in certain driving conditions, before restoring full power when engine demands increase.

In a combination of town and highway driving, the technology can deliver fuel savings of up to one litre per 100 kilometres, with potential for even better results at constant cruising speeds.

AFM will be standard on all automatic V8 models in the Commodore, Ute, Sportwagon, Statesman and Caprice ranges. GM Holden will be the first local manufacturer to introduce the fuel saving technology.

Announcing the introduction of AFM at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mark Reuss said this was another example of the company's commitment to providing fuel saving solutions to customers.

"AFM is a strong addition to our portfolio and to our Holden EcoLine range. It is one of many steps we are taking to provide fuel saving alternatives to Australian motorists," Mr Reuss said.

"AFM delivers the best of both worlds to performance enthusiasts - improved fuel efficiency with the power they want in a V8.

"For customers looking for V8 performance, AFM makes Holden the smart choice."

Holden EcoLine AFM Badge

AFM Technology

GM Holden's AFM system is designed to improve fuel efficiency when high output is not required.

In certain conditions such as highway driving, AFM automatically closes the intake and exhaust valves in four of the engine's eight cylinders while ensuring the engine maintains vehicle speed, effectively operating as a four cylinder.

The engine's electronic throttle control is used to increase cylinder pressure in V4 mode so that the engine can preserve the torque which drivers expect from a V8 powertrain.

The fuel supply to the deactivated cylinders will resume seamlessly providing all-cylinder operation when the driver needs it for quick acceleration, or for hauling heavy loads.