Insight won Honda Mileage Marathon event by doing an average of 63.6mpg (3.7l / 100km). The vehicle even improved its own result - the official economy figure was 61.4mpg (combined).

The challenge involved six high mileage company car drivers, which swapped their own cars for a Honda Insight for a month, to test how the hybrid can reduce their fuel costs.

Ray Hadlington, who usually drives a Vauxhall Zafira Diesel improved its own fuel economy by over 10 mpg, which is equal to £50 in fuel bills.

Graham Avent, Manager – Corporate Sales at Honda UK said: "Fuel prices are likely to rise again due to the weaker pound, and with the recent increase in duty, fleets will be looking at how they can reduce their fuel costs,".

"The results of this challenge show how switching the average company car driver into a Honda hybrid could save around £600 in fuel annually, or £1,800 over a 3-year contract.", he added.

The CO2 emissions are just 101g/km, which means that you will pay car tax of only £28 a month.

Ray Hadlington noted :"Driving the Honda Insight was really no different from driving my Zafira, but the dashboard graphics reminded me to ease off the accelerator a little more than usual,".

"The Benefit in Kind cost saving is probably the hardest element for me to ignore.", he added.

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