Honda is starting with the sales of the new Jade RS on 28th of May. The sad news is that this car will be distributed only in Japan. The car is powered by the new 1.5-liter direct injection VTEC TURBO engine and is the newest addition in the Jade lineup. The Jade RS is benefits from the combination of the sedan, minivan and high-quality driving performance.

Honda also said that the new engine's torque is equivalent to that of a 2.4-liter one. However, the fuel consumption of the VTEC Turbo is better and it is rated at 18 km per liter.

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The other advantages of the car include a stylish exterior, three-row seating, Honda's SENSING driver-assistive system, nimble steering and great chassis and suspension characteristics as well as the adoption of Agile Handling Assist (AHA).


As mentioned, the Jade RS is powered by a 1.5-liter direct injection VTEC TURBO unit, which features improved turbo effect in the low rpm range. This allows for great torque response as well as smoothness and powerfulness.

In addition to the great fuel efficiency, the air-intake can be precisely controlled. The car also sports better noise insulation and vibration management, which is achieved via various measures like the increased rigidity of bearing caps supporting the crankshaft.

Furthermore, Honda has also developed a new transmission that is perfect for the new engine, because it exploits its full potential. The CVT also contributes for improvements in economy. It also features seven-speed mode paddle shifter for better driving experience.


Honda means expressive and emotional design. The same approach is applied here and it is visible through the new front grille with the exclusive mesh-type design, which shows the torque-full driving. At the front grille we also see the "RS" emblem, which can be found on the tailgate as well.

Dark chrome plating has been used for the fog light garnish, outer door handle and tailgate molding. Helping in the noise reduction are also the 17-inch aluminum wheels.


Two interior trims are available for this car: black and brown. The materials utilized for the seat surface combine fabric and Prime Smooth. The leather wrapped steering wheel is contrasted via red stitching as are the black-color seats. At last, the acceleration pedal and brake pedal have an exclusive design and make this seven-seater sportier.


It is important to mention that the rigidity of the front and rear suspensions was improved by 15% and 20%, respectively. The springs and dampers have these exclusive settings which allow for stable driving and a sporty steering feel.

The Agile Handling Assist or the so called AHA electronic control system uses brake vectoring to improve corner traceability. It also ensures a ride with confident handling feel and smaller steering wheel inputs.

At last, the car also got enhanced the rigidity of floor area via a reinforcement to the underfloor with a tunnel brace. This also allows for a movement which reflects more direct and linear steering operation.

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