In mid 2014, the production of the exclusively made in Lincoln, Alabama Honda Ridgeline will be coming to an end. In "less then two years", however, there's going to be a successor and today we get to have a glimpse at its styling direction. Despite being a Honda, the Ridgeline has always been thoroughly American. The new one is the brainchild of the company's Los Angeles and Ohio R&D centres. Looking at the "sketch" provided, we can safely conclude: it's a pickup truck, no surprises then.

To be fair, the current one, with its flaring C-pillars, tries too hard to differentiate itself from the mainstream. That might have something to do with the Ridgeline's unique closed-box unibody platform. Our guess is that they are going to stick to that structure, but at least the new one seems to have a nice vertical cut where the cabin ends and the bed begins. In fact, if nobody told had us that this silhouette belonged to a Honda, we might have dismissed it for an F-150.

Honda might have been encouraged to update the model due to the success of the current one. There has been a 29 percent increase in sales for the first eleven months of this year.

Source: Honda