Around a week ago, Top Gear managed to set a world record by pulling off a stunt that involves two loops in a row. The setup was creatively dubbed the "deadly 720". Now Team Hot Wheels, which basically do stunts for a living, would like to respond by attempting again a loop stunt but with more of a tag team kind of spirit.

Two reasonably brave drivers will set off from a single line on separate tracks. Then they'll begin their individual climb on a six story loop that fuses the two tracks at the top. Then rather gingerly, they have to swoop in side by side. The drivers need to be ready to endure up to 7 Gs of force. Sound's like a nerve wrecking procedure. The preview clip we have here is made to be just as thrilling.

The stunt will take place on the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles. Tune in to watch at exactly 11:00 AM PT on ABC / ESPN.

Video Sources: TopGear and HOTWHEELS via YouTube