HPerformance has spent years optimizing and applying its tunnings on Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles.Having gained a lot of experience in working with the RS, R and S models, its specialist have satisfied ever customer's desire, no matter how bold or extraordinary it was.

Recently the Hperformance team chose Golf IV R32 modified the crankshaft and the vehicle's 3.2 liter engine capacity, reducing it turned it into 3.0 liters R32, or in other words, the R30. Although this led to lowered turning torque, rotation speed was increased a lot. The Precision-PT6235 turbocharger is the characteristic trademark inside the vehicle. That engine is equipped by Hperformance with radius rods so that they can prevent fraction of the genuine connecting rod.

The brake system has been completely redone. The brake discs on the front axle have a diameter of 356x32 mm and on the rear axle is 304x28mm. A shock absorber Bilstein-(B) 16 is also installed, combined with H&R stabilizers. The engine compartment has a catch tank and a fuel pump so that access of fuel is ensured. Specifically develop by HPerformance; related piping system and boost inter-cooler are separate elements, which means that serial products are not included.

The trunk is equipped with a carbon tube, fire extinguisher and unique upholstery are special Hperformance design. A electronic "Boost-controller" which is responsible for the cars output of 500-650 hp (372-484 kW), with a modification prince of 20.000 euros. Interior seats are manufactured by "Recaro" and are named "Pole position".

Source: Volkswagen