Infiniti Q30 Premium Active CompactThere is good news for Infiniti fans as the automaker is taking down the camouflage of their unique Q30 Premium Active Compact ahead of its premiere. The Hong Kong-established luxury division of Nissan unveiled just one image, but it says enough. At least exteriorly.

The luxury hatchback arrives with an acute style, a pinch of exclusivity and a lot of driving dynamics. Despite the fact that it is envisioned as a model that somewhat "times" the swoopy lines of its predecessor, precisely Infiniti Q30 Concept, the new model still exhibits an ostensible level of edginess. And it is exactly these design cues that really distinguish the car from the crowd.

Technical data and specifics about this category-breaking vehicle are still missing. However, it won't be a surprise if the engine of the new Infiniti will be presented in the form of a hybrid. Conventional four-cylinder powertrain is likely to be adopted too. We will wait and see.

Infiniti Q30 Premium Active Compact showcases provoking characteristics, confident attitude, high-class handling, excellent ride and, lastly, responsive performance. From the picture we can see that the expressive bodylook of the hatchback are further complimented by its sleekness. The masculinity of the car is defined by the nicely-shaped rectangular grille and sharply-looking headlamps. We cannot deny the fact that the Premium Active Compact is also aggressively-looking which is just enough to make onlookers follow the smooth motion of the car while on the road.

The world premiere of the new Infiniti Q30 will be hosted at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany this fall.

Source: Infiniti