Jaguar XJ_e is an experimental plug-in hybrid which recently was announced to be the "Most Energy Efficient Luxury Car Prototype" and received the "Technical Panel's Award of Merit". In fact the vehicle uses only 1.2 liters of petrol and 11 kWh of electricity for over 63 mile course.

Jaguar XJ_e PHEV is a project part of the strategy of both Jaguar and Land Rover to develop best-in-class low-carbon premium products. To be more precise this vehicle utilise a specially developed 2-litre turbocharged engine coupled with a 69kW electric motor and a 12.3kWh lithium-ion battery.

This replaces the 5-litre V8 of the standard XJ. To go even further into details, the Jaguar XJ_e can achieve a range of about 25 miles in all-electric mode and a maximum electric mode top speed of 75mph. Performance estimates for the Jaguar XJ_e are fuel economy of 87 miles per gallon and a top speed of 150mph.

Here the tailpipe emissions are 75g/km and this means that the brand have achieved up to 70 per cent improvement compared to the standard XJ model. As a matter of fact experimental vehicles like the XJ_e Hybrids and electrification technologies are key elements of Jaguar Land Rover's plan to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Source: Jaguar