Jaguar Land Rover just released a video showing that it is currently developing a range of new technologies. They will utilize colours, sounds and touch inside the car in order to alert drivers in cases of potential hazards. The specific thing about these technologies is that they have been created to prevent accidents only involving bicycles and motorbikes. To go into details, the sensors on the car detect when another road user is approaching. In fact, they can even identify it as bicycle or motorbike. When this happens, the Bike Sense will alert the driver via several means.

The technology does not uses only sound or warning icon, but lights and sounds that the driver will instinctively associate with the potential danger. In addition, the audio system will help the driver understand where the bike is in relation to their car. It will make a sound as if a bicycle bell or motorbike horn is coming through the speaker nearest the bike.

There is even more to this. When a motorbike approaches up the road behind the car, for example, after the Bike Sense have detected it, the top of the car seat will extend to ‘tap' the driver on the left or right shoulder. Except for that it sounds pretty strange and even scary; the idea is that the driver will instinctively look over that shoulder to identify the potential hazard.

There is a scenario, when a cyclist gets closer to the car. What happens next is that a matrix of LED lights on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars will glow amber and then red as the bike approaches. In addition, the exact movement of these lights across the surfaces will also show the direction the bike is taking.

Bike Sense is also clever enough to know that there are potential hazards that the driver cannot see. For instance, is pedestrian or cyclist is crossing the road, and for some reason the person behind the steering wheel can't see them, the sensors will detect this and draw the driver's attention with the help of visual an audible signals. And if for some reason the driver ignores the warnings, then the technology will make the accelerator pedal vibrate or feel stiff.

At last, Bike Sense also helps prevent vehicle doors being opened into the path of bikes. In these cases it would warn all passengers of an approaching vehicle through sound and light. If anyone continues with the opening of the door, the door handle will light up, vibrate and buzz.

Source: Jaguar