Kia Motors Corporation's (KMC) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) program takes a major technological step forward today with the global unveiling of the all-new Kia Borrego FCEV at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

Numerous innovations including a higher output 154 horsepower fuel cell and a new 450-volts Supercapacitor give the Borrego FCEV higher performance, a greatly extended driving range and cold-weather starting capability to operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Available with two and three tank systems with 70MPa pressure, the Borrego FCEV's power plant is located under the center floor and boasts an additional 47 horsepower of power to produce a peak output of 154 horsepower (a 44-percent increase compared to the previous generation) and propel the vehicle to a top speed of 100 miles per hour (mph) while boasting a best-in-class system efficiency of 62 percent. With a 202-liter hydrogen storage tank located underneath the vehicle and ahead of the rear wheels, this latest Kia Motors research vehicle has a range of about 426 miles.

"Entering this new phase of our program is really exciting," said Dr. Hyun Soon Lee, president of research and development for the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. "Now we will be able to build fuel cell electric vehicles in higher volumes and lower cost for fleet testing and the latest Borrego FCEV drives us closer to making fuel cell vehicles available for consumers."

Demonstrating its ability to conduct engineering of both gasoline/diesel production models and fuel cell research vehicles simultaneously, Kia Motors will be able to significantly improve the efficiency and quality control of future fuel cell vehicle manufacturing processes.

With the use of lightweight aluminum body shell components, the Borrego FCEV has a power-to-weight ratio that is similar to the new production model SUV. The FCEV also retains the roomy cabin, low noise levels and overall driving refinement of its new gasoline/diesel-powered sibling.

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Technical Specifications

Type: Fuel Cell + Supercapacitor Fuel Cell Output: 154 horsepower (115kW) Additional Power Output: 134 horsepower Supercapacitor (100kW) Traction Motor Output: 147 horsepower (110kW) Dimensions: 192.1 x 75.4 x 71.3 inches Curb Weight: 4,960 pounds (2,250kg)

Max. Speed: 100 mph Zero to 60 mph Acceleration: 12.8 seconds Max. Distance: 426 miles with three tanks Fuel economy: 54 mpg (EPA combined F/E)