Koenigsegg Automotive, the Swedish super car manufacturer was founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg, who had a dream to build the fastest, lightest, most aerodynamic Supercar in the World. A decade later, his dream came true and today Koenigsegg cars have got one of the highest ranked pedigrees in the supercar industry, which includes world records, awards and outstanding resumes from the world press.

Koenigsegg has so far delivered 62 cars around the world, which includes five cars to the US and more are to come. The delivery time for a CCX/CCXR is around 12-15 month.

Koenigsegg Automotive found that the US market stands for around 50% of the supercar market, which meant that in 2006 the CCX was introduced, a car designed to pass the US regulations.

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In May 2008, Koenigsegg North America (run by Mr Augie Fabela II) was set up to supply the American market with this exotic Swedish super car. Mr Fabela II is Koenigseggs US distributor and is now focusing on setting up a select few dealerships around the US, starting with Universal Autosport in the New York area and Symbolic Motor Car Company in Las Vegas.

The kick-off for Koenigsegg North America takes place at Pebble Beach, on the 14th of August, where Symbolic Motor Cars are exhibiting the CCX.

Koenigsegg have now seriously entered the North America market, and are looking forward to a successful working relationship with Mr Fabela II and all the future dealerships around the US.