Do you remember the Larte Range Rover Sport Winner? If you do, then you will also remember that it was painted in white and featured some contrasting black accents. However, the tuner told us that the vehicle has miraculously turned blue. Of course, we aren't talking of some kind of mystery here, but about the fact that the specialists will release a brand new version of the tuned model at the Top Marques Monaco on 16th of April.

As you can guess, it will be a blue variation of the winning car. In addition, it will be also fitted with some silver highlights. To be more precise, the bodywork will be entirely painted in the blue color, while the other hue will adorn the roof.

What is more, the tuner will also give the Monaco debuting Range Rover a brand new power package. With its help the serial V8 output of 339 hp (250 kW) will be lifted up to 400 hp (294 kW).

Furthermore, the vehicle will be also equipped with the already known WINNER body kit. It gives the SUV an aggressive front end and dynamic on-road presence. This is additionally emphasized by the new front apron and the one-off grill that carries three frames in form of inverted trapezoids. At last, at the rear the kit adds new four-flow exhaust system that has black-chrome-plated tailpipes.

And do you know what the best thing is? If you are going to visit the event in Monaco you will actually get the chance to drive this blue Winner.

Source: Larte Design