2015 Lexus LS already has its campaign which exudes nothing less than luxury, performance and the highest lifestyle. The new Lexus model got a new face and more than 3000 new parts.

The promo video follows the day of a couple, showing series of moments - high-end and exclusive experiences. Some of them include front-row seats at a fashion show, a passport stamp leading to an exotic vacation, a modern home in the hills, a swanky jazz club and a glamorous red carpet arrival.

When the flashlight of the camera appears, then a transition happens and the video goes to the next exciting scene. In addition, it captures each photo-worthy experience. In fact, the LS is considered to be one of the world's quietest cars, still having comfortable interior and exuding powerful stance.

We are still waiting to see the second spot, called "Paddle Shifters", which will show-off all of the benefits of the new Lexus LS F Sport. Here it will present to the audience, people who don't go quietly and always seek bigger, better experiences.

Source: Lexus