RX 450h will become Australia's greenest SUV when it launches in mid-2009, achieving fuel economy figures and emissions closer to a small four-cylinder sedan.

The petrol-electric hybrid will sip just 6.4 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres* and emit just 150grams of CO2 - a figure not achieved in any SUV in Australia.

In keeping with the performance focus of Lexus, RX 450h will be no slouch, developing 220kW of power from the petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain - 10 per cent more power than the outgoing model.

Lexus chief executive John Roca said that RX 450h would be without peer in the Australian vehicle market.

"Lexus RX 450h has but one rival - the RX 400h it replaces," Mr Roca said.

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Comprehensive research reveals that no SUV - diesel or petrol powered - on the Australian market comes close to the fuel economy and emissions' figures of RX 450h.

It is anticipated that RX 450h will qualify for inclusion in the top 10 green vehicles as determined by the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide - a listing dominated by small four-cylinder sedans and hatchbacks.

"All-new RX 450h will be 20 per cent more efficient than the vehicle it replaces and yet is 10 per cent more powerful than the outgoing model," Mr Roca said.

"Lexus anticipates that RX 450h will also achieve a five-star green rating from the Australian Government when launched."