Loder1899 Ford Mustang  Side ViewLoder1899 Ford Mustang is here to show how good things don't need a lot to become even better. Unlike Kahn's Land Rover Defender, the pony car received only minor modifications. In fact, there is a lot of work currently going on this project, but I will discuss this a little bit later. Now, take a look at the pictures below and find out what has happened to this beautiful Mustang. Then come back and check out what the experts have done.

Mustang and Loder1899 Through the Years

Before speaking about the customization, I must tell you that Loder1899 and Ford Mustang have a long-time relationship. Everything starts back in 1964 with the launch of the famous muscle car. At the same time Josef Loder (you can figure out who is by the surname) received approval for a Ford dealership near Munich, Germany.

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And after more than 50 years it still exists, meaning that both companies are closely connected and dedicated to distributing the unique pony car throughout the Old Continent. Working with the same enthusiasm with new Mustangs, the tuners at Loder1899 can show some expertise than we can be envious of.

Simple Changes Make the Best Impression

 Loder1899 Ford Mustang  Front View

Currently, the changes on this Mustang are very simple, comprising by new wheels and tires only. The alloys can be ordered in various color combinations ranging from 20- up to 22-inch.

More importantly, there is still work to be done here. The engineers are working at the moment on new sport exhaust systems for this muscle champion. In addition, they are also preparing some performance enhancements as well as chassis modifications. So we are really eager to see what the end result will look like.

Stay with us because more news about this exclusive project is coming soon.

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