Yes, it has happened for a third time. Mazda has been awarded the prestigious Best Car Brand award by US News & World Report. Praised for aesthetics, advanced drivetrain system solutions and numerous hi-end features, Mazda team confidently greets the new 2018 season year.

In order to determine the winner, US News Best Cars jury has given scores to all competitors, based on certain requirements. And what has caught the eye, was Mazda's elegant body language, the well-known KODO technology, the advanced technology settings and the meticulous engineering. And as expected, the team has earned the highest available score and was of course, named the winner in the category. In fact, the overall score came directly from the US News Best Cars ranking that place the competitors one after another based on information, gathered from automobile press, safety scores and overall reliable data.

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Of course, contribution to the high score was given by Mazda's obsession with small details, constant refinement of technologies and the innovative SKYACTIV technology that is still one of the most advanced in the world. And let‘s not forget one of the most important things, as it comes to automobile driving: Mazda vehicles deliver incredible driving experience and pleasure.

Source: Mazda