2020 Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GT63 S AMG Cummander - Front Angle

With the use of the AMG 4.0 bi-turbo engine it is almost like in the 90s when the same actors in every second erotic film in other constellations excited the fans and friends. AMG also installs the versatile and proven M178 DE40 AL engine in the 4-door GT63 S Coupe and offers the sport-loving customer 2 performance variants with 585 and 639hp engine power. Well that´s not bad at all but people accustomed quickly with power and so this output is similar to some marriages, quite usual and unspectacular boring. There must be more inside…

Wheelsandmore brings fresh impetus to the relationship between man and machine and offers 3 different power levels up to 810hp, regardless of whether 585 or 639PS are available from factory.  Stage 1: The AMG tuner generates 700hp and 975nm of torque by means of software optimization or extremely easy to install plug-and-play tuning module Tec-Tronic. The price for the upgrade is EUR 2,160 without taxes

Stage 2: In addition to the ecu upgrade the manufacturer also installs downpipes with sports catalysts and a flap-controlled exhaust system from Capristo. This tuning upgrade results in a total of 750hp and a maximum of 1010nm torque. Price for Stage 2 including assembly: 12,605 EURO

Stage 3: Replacement of the turbocharger with a larger compressor unit and new bearings are added to the hardware components described above. After the conversion, the test bench measurement documents severely 810hp and 1030nm of torque For this upgrade Wheelsandmore charges 19,244 EURO including assembly

Just like other manufacturers, Mercedes AMG wants to offer to their customers the maximum possible wheel-tire combination, what makes business not easier for tuners. Optionally, the GT63 AMG rolls out of the sales hall with 275/35/21 and 315/30/21 tires. So there´s not much space for TUV allowed improvement and so far no tuner from Europe has been able to present a suitable 22 inch retrofit for the model type X290. Wheelsandmore took care of the problem and developed appropriate rims for the matching Michelin tires. The tuning company from Germany equips the "Cummander" with black bi-color rims of the type ZV-1 sizing 10.5x22 offset 24 and 11.5x22 offset 22 with Michelin tires of sizes 285/30/22 and 335/25/22. The face of the rims has been cnc trimmed to the original look and sealed with a clear varnish.

Wheelsandmore offers the complete wheel set with customizable central locking nut and TPMS sensors from 5,882 EURO.

The tuning conversion is completed by a lowering module that can be controlled via smartphone app, which enables the customer to set the lowering of the air suspension freely via a Bluetooth connection.

The price for the lowering module with Android and iOS app is about 1,428 EURO