2020 Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster Hypaero - Side

The Mercedes tuner also installs the tried and tested M178 DE40 AL bi-turbo engine in the AMG GTR Roadster, which provides turbocharged 585 hp from a displacement of 4 liters and speeds up to 317 kmh. With these performance data, certainly only a few people will think about a necessary trip to the tuner. For those who can´t get enough of emotional driving pleasure Wheelsandmore has several performance enhancements in the program joining the speed and power up to 335 kmh. Level 1: A classic optimization of the maps combined with a F1 air filter kit gains an increase in performance up to approx. 650hp and 780nm torque at a price of 2,521 euros Stage 2: The corresponding maps are adapted to the new sports catalytic converters, which leads to an engine output of approx. 670hp and 830nm, price with assembly is 7,479 EURO Stage 3: The components from stage 2 are joined by finely balanced turbochargers with a larger compressor unit - the result is 750hp and 860nm of torque at a total price of 16,723 EURO The focus of all increases in performance is on drive-ability and not the maximum possible increase in performance. Of course, well over 800hp are possible in the AMG GTR, but effort, benefits and suitability for everyday use are then out of proportion, says head of technology at Wheelsandmore Mr. Torsten Pick. Anyone who has ever heard an AMG GTR live also knows why there is no valve exhaust system from Wheelsandmore for the supercar this time...

The optical recognition feature of the "Hypaero" are the matte black F.I.W.E. forged wheels, which Wheelsandmore is still building from 3 individual parts by hand and taylors according to customer requirements in the appropriate color or combination. For the AMG GTR the tuner builds the concave special wheel with TUV approval in the maximum possible dimensions 10.5x20 at the front and 12.5x21 inches at the rear. Light tires from Michelin span in sizes 275/30/20 and 325/25/21 on the exclusive rims. The prices for a complete wheel set starts with original TPMS sensors at 11,513 EURO.

If a manufacturer is able to develop a better chassis than the manufacturer did, then it is chassis leader KW. Together with the engineers from Fichtenberg, a Variant 4 coilover kit with hydraulic lift-up function was developed, which improves the suitability for the racetrack on the one hand through extensive adjustment options and on the other hand offers full suitability for everyday use thanks to the lifting option on the front axle. So much technology and innovation unfortunately has its proud price, to be had from 7,789 EURO without assembly. Installation with the Roadster takes not less than 3 whole working days and costs additionally 1,672 EURO with wheel alignment.