MINI has officially unveiled the Clubman Vision Gran Turismo virtual racecar that will be available in the Gran Turismo 6 video game for PlayStation 3. It is based on the Clubman, as the title suggests, but with the notable difference that it has more distinguished design. Made for the virtual reality, the Clubman Gran Turismo concept is imagined to take its power from an unspecified engine which is capable of delivering 395 HP.

This power output is sent to a permanent all-wheel drive system using a six-speed sequential gearbox. With such figures, the car is able to speed up from 0 to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) in the impressive 3.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h).

Visually, MINI's Gran Turismo arrives with an appealing style which transforms driving into a real pleasure. The car features striking split doors, huge air inlets and air ducting surfaces, front splitters which are there to regulate airflow and to cool the engine.

Also, the carbon fiber front apron as well as the flat underbody serve to reduce air resistance. The aggressively-shaped front is complimented by LED headlights that feature an "X" layout while the back of the car is highlighted by LED taillights with an interesting filigree design.

Finally, MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo moves on wide 22-inch bi-color alloy wheels.

Source: MINI