The sunny days are here and MINI, the renowned British cars brand has started to tempt its customers with exclusive offers, packing the newly premiered MINI Countryman with clever MINI Getaway Package. Representing the perfect equipment for a pleasant mid-journey break, the all-new MINI Getaway pack can be stowed away in the new crossover's dual-layer load compartment floor, which is separated from the regular storage space by a lid.

The smart set features: two comfortable folding wooden chairs in MINI design, which can be easily converted into tables with the help of a wooden board; an exclusive MINI Five-In-One Cover with multifunctional design that can be used as a poncho, sleeping bag, awning, picnic blanket and bed cover; a set of Countryman Boots for dry feet on cross-country hikes; an olive-green MINI Parka for the vagaries of the weather; a limited-edition MINI Countryman Tee with fresh print design.

MINI Countryman Getaway Package (2010) - picture 1 of 3
MINI Countryman Getaway Package (2010) - picture 2 of 3
MINI Countryman Getaway Package (2010) - picture 3 of 3

MINI Countryman Getaway Package Pricelist:

  • MINI Countryman Seat Set (two seats + table top) - €89.00
  • MINI Countryman Single Seat - €35.00
  • MINI Countryman Boots - €39.00
  • MINI Countryman Tee - €29.00
  • MINI Five-In-One Cover - €65.00
  • MINI Parka - €139.00