Morgan Aero 8 - Front AngleMorgan Aero 8 - I've been waiting for you for a long! This manifestation of beauty, luxury and immortal design has just been revealed at the Geneva Auto Show. The car is that impressive because it is lightweight and at the same time powerful enough to take down some of the most exclusive cars in the industry. The British company says that this is the most refined Aero product it has made up to date. For this are responsible some significant visual and mechanical changes.

The 5th generation Aero cabriolet is powered by a 4.8 litre V8 BMW engine, which is quite different of what we have expected. Nevertheless, the unit has the capability of generating 367 hp (270 kW). The powerplant is mated to a six speed transmission, manual or automatic, depending on the preference of the driver.

In terms of styling, this is a typical Morgan. The design of the Aero Eight has been inspired (as usual) by the cars from the sixties. Just like them it features slim and elongated profile with a cabin focused bodywork.

Furthermore, the rear opening clam shell boot serves to tension and hide the double-lined mohair hood. Aero 8 is also offered with an optional hardtop for those keener on coupes. Inside, those lucky two will enjoy a brand new dashboard and wooden surrounds. To complement this, Morgan has also added textured box-woven carpets and fine leather trim. The optional interior equipment features touch screen media systems, low slung carbon seats and bespoke detailing packs.

Let us see why the driver will benefit from more responsive driving and better handing. First of all, the aluminium chassis has been improved via torsional stiffness. Next, the front end was remade. There are also brand new suspension and anti-roll bars as well as BMW limited slip differential. In terms of safety, this car benefits from features such as ABS or power steering, cruise control and airbags.

2015 Morgan Aero 8 will enter production in the end of the year. There will be limited numbers of it, but they will offer infinite combinations of personalization. It would be nice owning one, wouldn't it?

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