Nagel Dakkar Dartz ConceptHere is a nice look of the future vehicles - Nagel Dakkar Dartz Concept. The car is sketched by DARTZ stuff designer Alex Isaev and German designer Pochwatta.

According to them:  "DARTZ-SAM will be favorite car in Your garage - as when you will wake up don't knowing what's your plans for today, you can easy jump in in DARTZ-SAM - you can go off-road, all-road, or any-road."

DARTZ-SAM sales plan on nearest years:

2013 10 units

2014 20 units

2015 40 units

2016 40 units

2017 40 units

Car price is planned  €250,000 - €300,000 for base model.

Car Specifications:


8 cylinder AMG Mercedes V8 Bi-turbo

Capacity 5.5L

Performance 650 HP, 850 Nm (626 lb ft)

Top speed 250 km/h

Drive train

Gearbox 7

gear double clutch gearbox

Clutch AP Racing

Sinter metallic Differentials Sadev


Titanium tubular frame chassis Base for all the vehicles

Carbon Kevlar chassis Extremely light


Length 4620 mm (4-door / 4920mm)

Width 2000 mm Height 1700 mm (250 mm clearance)

Unloaded weight 1890 kgs / 1990 kgs

Wheel base 2910 mm (4-door / 3210mm)

Source: Dartz