If you hear for the first time the name Nikai-San or are unfamiliar with Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB), then it is time to be introduced with a bit more information about this amazing Japan-based Porsche tuner.

Basically RWB has combined Japanese and Euro tuning elements, with the only aim – to create uniqueness. In particular, Nikai-San puts this philosophy into practice and creates the distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis. And the Porsches created are one-of-a-kind and belong to the sole customer.Back in the days, RWB has started off as a small countryside body-shop in Chiba-Ken.

Nevertheless RAUH-Welt 911's can now be commonly seen on both the streets and racing circuits of Japan.This wonderful interview made by eGarage.com, delivers more information about the tuning process, what is the main source of inspiration, and more importantly, Nikai-San speaks about it himself!