Naran Automotive, the new manufacturer of luxury ultra-high performance cars, has revealed the exterior design of its first model – The Naran.

The four-seater hyper-coupé will deliver an authentic GT3-style driving experience for the road when it arrives next year, combining the uncompromising performance and dynamics of a track-focused hypercar, with opulent ultra-luxurious materials inside and out.

Just 49 examples of the first-of-its-kind, four-seater, all-wheel-drive, front-mid engined hyper-coupé will be created. Each vehicle produced will be individually tailored to the personal taste of the collector, including the designation of a bespoke model name – a convention normally reserved for luxury superyachts.

Naran Automotive has brought together a team of world-class partners from the pinnacle of automotive design, motorsport, material innovation and powertrain development to create The Naran.

Jowyn Wong, founder of Wyn Design and visionary behind the Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72, is leading the design, while colour and materials design is being tailored by Kate Montgomery, former Aston Martin Lagonda designer.

The bespoke 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine is being crafted in Germany with partners Racing Dynamics and development of vehicle dynamics is being overseen by EY3 Engineering and Daniel Mense, renowned for his work on the NIO EP9 – the electric car Nürburgring lap record breaker.

Performance The Naran will be capable of 0-60mph in less than 2.3 seconds, 0-100mph in 4.56 seconds and an expected top speed of over 230mph, with the 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine producing 1,048 bhp and 1,036Nm of torque. The motorsport-inspired aerodynamic package helps produce an industry-leading 1,377kg of downforce, exceeding that of a GT3 race car.

Power is delivered by an all-wheel-drive system, providing both secure traction and confidence-inspiring performance in all conditions, with the option to switch to rear-wheel drive for a challenging, yet rewarding, analogue driving experience. The bespoke, race-derived double-wishbone suspension will apply adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars and camber and toe adjustments so customers can tailor the dynamic set-up to meet track specific demands.

Damping is provided by an Ohlins four-way adjustable race-spec system, enabling the driver to push their vehicle to the absolute limit even in the most demanding track conditions. The Naran will also adopt a race-grade hydraulic steering rack, carbon ceramic brakes developed for endurance racing, and spherical bearings for improved steering feel and precision.

Design Designed by the founder of Wyn Design, Jowyn Wong, the man behind the Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72, The Naran encompasses a monolithic design language with sharp, purposeful lines, delivering an unmistakable coupé silhouette.

The long, leaping bonnet, performance-focused rear wing and aggressive front intakes give it an unrivalled presence on the road and track. The front splitter and rear diffuser appear as one-piece, with the exposed functional aerodynamic elements balancing the beautiful form of The Naran's ultra-lightweight carbon composite body. The performance-focused theme is continued with the addition of 22-inch hybrid-carbon wheels and a distinct side aero blade exposing the front wheel arch for cooling and aerodynamic efficiency.

The Naran features bespoke detailing and first-class attention to detail, showcasing industry-first flax carbon composites in expressive material inserts across the exterior, with the natural fibres giving each of the 49 examples a tailored finish. The biodegradable flax composite is ultra-lightweight and not only provides a unique aesthetic in visual form, with a range of finishes available, but also delivers improved vibration damping over carbon fibre.

Ameerh Naran, CEO and founder of Naran Automotive, said: "Our vision is to create the most beautiful and thrilling cars in existence, inspiring future generations to pursue their wildest dreams."

"With The Naran, we are creating a unique ownership experience and a new perspective on shared driving experiences - a GT3-inspired, driver-focused, front-mid engined 2+2 hyper-coupé, that delivers unrivalled material innovation and a commitment to reviving the analogue driving experience. The Naran is the true embodiment of art on wheels, designed and developed by some of the greatest minds in the industry."

The model will debut in early 2021. For more information about the brand visit

INTRODUCING NARAN AUTOMOTIVE Naran Automotive's founding team is both deeply respected and highly experienced. Our senior engineering and design experts have been hand-selected from the very best the automotive industry has to offer.

Meet the team behind Naran Automotive:

Founder/CEO: Ameerh Naran Ameerh Naran, 34, is CEO and founder of Naran Automotive. During Ameerh's early years, he raced in several single-seater championships before turning his entrepreneurial ambitions towards establishing himself in the premium luxury sector. After building Vimana Private Jets into a globally recognised brokerage, he is now focused on delivering a truly unique, and record-breaking, portfolio of cars.

COO: Steve Pegg Leading the vehicle programme is Steve Pegg, a highly experienced senior vehicle engineer who has previously worked on highly successful and challenging portfolios for both established OEMs and electric vehicle start-ups.

Design: Wyn Design The design team is led by Wyn Design founder Jowyn Wong. Jowyn created the Apollo IE – a $2 million hypercar that was a halo product for the new brand. Equally memorable was the De Tomaso P72 – a $1 million supercar tasked with reviving a dormant brand by re-introducing a 1960s race car-inspired design language.

Powertrain: Racing Dynamics Racing Dynamics, a manufacturer of performance parts and specialist vehicles with 40 years of experience and heritage in racing, is crafting the Naran's bespoke engine. Racing Dynamics has supported premium brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce to deliver TÜV-accredited performance systems.

Engineering: EY3 Engineering Leading vehicle dynamics specialist, EY3 Engineering, was founded in 2016 and has designed three manufacturer-backed international touring cars, all of which took a race win on their debut and championship honours in their inaugural seasons. The team is being led by Daniel Mense, renowned for his work on the NIO EP9 – the electric car Nürburgring lap record breaker.

Materiality: Kate Montgomery Kate is responsible for The Naran's unique interior. An experienced designer specialising in colour, material and finish, trend insight and forecasting, Kate has consulted on projects in automotive, aviation concept and rail. She has worked at Aston Martin Lagonda, where she assisted in shaping the interior design strategy for several years.